ULYSSES Network Final Partners Meeting

10/2020 Online

The ULYSSES Network partner institutions gather for their final partners’ meeting of the ULYSSES Project 2016-2020 in Brussels (BE).



On 1st April 2020 they publically present the final results of the Audience Research Project and attend the rerun concerts of the [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum and the commissions to young composers for Peter Tscherkassky’s CinemaScope Trilogy.

Meeting canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020,
rescheduled as an online meeting on 26th October 2020.


organized in partnership with Divertimento Ensemble - ITEPCC - EEFlagey - BEGaudeamus - NLHfMT- DEIEMA - DEIMD - DEimpuls - ATIrcam - FRRoyaumont foundation - FRSnape Maltings - UKTime of Music - FIUltima - NO

ULYSSES Journey for Performers

Conducting Course


Young ensemble in residency - Ensemble Schallfeld

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