Design the Future

This activity focuses exclusively on very young artists, amateur artists, and young audiences. On the one hand, it will enable young ensembles and performers the opportunity to perform abroad and work with experienced composers and tutors. On the other hand, the activity will offer young people (amateur musicians and young audiences) a direct contact with contemporary practice.

Photo credit : Isabelle Français

Giocare la musica in Flagey (BE)

Flagey – BE

02/12/2013 – 13:30 and 03/12/2013 – 19:30 Flagey – Studio 4 (Brussels, Belgium) Daniele Ghisi  Itaca Rich O’Meara  Restless Luciano … +

New Voices for Singing Cities

Flagey – BE

NEW VOICES for SINGING CITIES brings together an 80 children strong chorus together with HERMESensemble, led by Steven Verhaert.   … +

Composition workshop for children and ensemble 2012 – Rerun

Flagey – BE

Further to its Milanese premiere in 2012 of two compositions by Daniele Ghisi and Federico Gardella, GIOCARE la MUSICA was … +

Young ensembles in residency – Curious Ears Abroad | Curious Chamber Players


The Stockholm based ensemble Curious Chamber Players (CCP) is the selected young ensemble by the Ulysses partners impuls, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, … +

Young ensembles in residency – Looptail

Gaudeamus – NL

As in 2013, Gaudeamus Muziekweek invites another young ensemble for its 2014 edition  to work intensively with young composers on … +