Film and Music – Maudite soit la guerre – World Premiere

02/2016 Flagey – BE

In the framework of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, FLAGEY, in collaboration with DIVERTIMENTO, has commissioned composers Artur Akshelyan (ARM) and Miguel Farias (CHL) to create the music to accompany the 1914 film MAUDITE SOIT LA GUERRE.


The commission is  premiered in Brussels at Flagey

on 23rd February 2016, in Studio 1 at 20h30

by the Belgian ensemble MUSIQUES NOUVELLES, featuring the following line up:

violin, viola, cello, percussion, piano, flute, and clarinet.

Jean-Paul Dessy leads the ensemble.

Film duration: 50 minutes

Maudite Soit la Guerre - Feb 2016 2 Maudite Soit la Guerre - Feb 2016

Photos © Câline Yamakawa


Screened for the first time in June 1914, shortly before the First World War, MAUDITE SOIR LA GUERRE is a Belgian movie directed by Alfred Machin, featuring Suzanne Berni, Baert, Albert Hendrickx, Fernand Crommelynck, Nadia D’Angely, Zizi Festerat, Gilberte Legrand, Willy Maury, Henri Goidsen, Cécile May, Blanche Montel, Albert Dieudonné, and Germaine Lecuyer.


One of the first anti-war films of our time, it has since been restored to 35 mm print and beautifully hand colored with Pathé stencil inks.


The plot of the film, which at no point clearly identifies the countries involved but strongly suggests Belgian/France against Germany, revolves around two protagonists, Adolph and Sigismond. Adolph, a young aviator in the making befriends Sigismond and ultimately becomes romantically involved with the latter’s sister Lidia. War breaks and our two heroes find themselves in battle, on opposing sides of the conflict. Both perish and the film comes to a close with a scene whereby Lidia learns of the death of Adolph.

MAUDITE SOIT LA GUERRE is a social commentary on the hardships of war and its effect of the relationships between men, women, family structures, etc. and on the futility of the loss of youth and humanity.


Another performance of the film-concert is scheduled in Milan (IT), by Divertimento Ensemble on 21st March 2016.

organized in partnership with Divertimento Ensemble - IT