Out at S.E.A – Chamber Opera – New presentation

01/2016 Flagey – BE

Out at S.E.A.” the chamber opera that has been premiered in December 2013 at the Budapest Music Center (HUN) after a workshop held with 6 young international composers

and that has been presented also in Milano (IT) in February 2014

and in Paris (FR) in July 2014,

is performed again in Brussels (BE) at Flagey on 10th January 2016

at 20h15.

At 19h30 you can attend for free a pre-performance talk by Waldo Geuns.


You can watch a TRAILER as well as INTERVIEWS with the involved composers and Peter Eötvös online.


Out At S.E.A. (Someone Eats All)
at the ‘Very alive composers – Rethinking opera’ festival

Sławomir Mrożek’s absurd one-act play titled Out at Sea inspired the idea to provide an opportunity for young composers to jointly create an opera that unites and addresses the predominant phenomena of the modern age (like alienation, abuse of power, conformity and boundaries of freedom) in one grotesque situation, where the problem of the part and the whole is reflected in the opportunities offered by form and technique.



Photo © Balint Hrotko


Version I : Out at S.E.A. 123

Composers: Máté Balogh, Diana Soh, Christian Flury


Version II : Out at S.E.A. 456

Composers: Koka Nikoladze, Samu Gryllus, Mariana Ungureanu


The joint work Out at S.E.A., managed by Péter Eötvös, Luca Francesconi, Balázs Horváth and András Almási-Tóth, is a collective work bearing the musical signature of each composer.


“Three people, abandoned, on no-man’s land, on the open sea, in the world of the media. The participants of a reality show, their situation is that of modern man, lonely in community; depending on each other, they would devour each other; they are selfish and without emotions, acting for show, as if someone was always watching them and evaluating their performance. Three protagonists, three different worlds… the topic of… Mrożek’s one-act Out at S.E.A. appears in a totally new context: within the well-known claustrophobic, yet public framework of reality shows, in the form of an opera. In addition, the story can be seen twice, the two identical, yet different variations reflect on one another, leaving the feeling of eternity, repeatability, and substitutability in the audience. The three protagonists think they are exceptional characters, yet they are only mass products on the metaphysical media market: tomorrow others will come and the same will happen to them…”
András Almási-Tóth




Maurice Lenhard, baritone – Thin
Szilvia Vörös, mezzo-soprano – Medium
Tivadar Kiss, tenor – Fat
Peter Bársony, alto
Horia Dumitrache, clarinet
Ditta Rohmann, cello
Lin Liao, conductor


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Photos: Dora Papp

organized in partnership with Divertimento Ensemble - ITIrcam - FR