Young ensembles in residency – Ensembles Looptail and Nikel

06/2015 Time of Music – FI


In 2013 Time of Music hosted Curious Chamber Players as a young ensemble in residence that resulted in five first performances from young composers during the festival.

In 2015 young composers will have a chance during the festival to collaborate with the Dutch sextet Looptail and Ensemble Nikel from Israel. Both ensembles will also present highlights from their previous ULYSSES residencies in Darmstadt (DE), Utrecht (NL) and Graz (AT). The detailed calls for the workshops have been published in December 2014.



Ensemble Looptail is a contemporary music sextet based in Amsterdam. Its performances are characterized by musical drive and intensity, born from an intimate connection between the 6 musicians without a conductor.


photo © Claudia Hansen


Klaasje Nieuwhof, flute

Anna voor de Wind, clarinet

Rachel Xi Zhang, percussion

Pascal Meyer, piano

Jellantsje de Vries, violin

Sebastiaan van den Bergh, cello



Following young composers have been selected to work with Looptail

and will present their works in a concert on Sunday 5th July at Viitasaari Parish Hall, as follows:

Juan de Dios Magdalenos Gomez (MEX) – Bifurcación Temporal III – for bass clarinet and instrumental projection
Matti Heininen (FI) – Amortizations
Sebastian Androne (RU) – The Dryads




Ensemble Nikel is a quartet consisting of saxophone, electric guitar, percussion and piano. These instruments, mostly evolving in the 20th century were joined together to form a new chamber music output where electric and acoustic sounds are to be melted into a unified organism bridging between, not only different sources of mechanical waves, but also aesthetic prejudice and dichotomies of musical genres.

Ensemble Nikel ©Markus Spepperer

photo © Markus Spepperer


Patrick Stadler, saxophone

Yaron Deutsch, e-guitar

Brian Archinal, percussion

Reto Staub, piano



Following composers have been selected to work with Nikel

and will present their works in a concert on Sunday 5th July at Viitasaari Theatre as follows:

Sérgio Rodrigo Lacerda (BR) – Pitfall
Neil Tòmas Smith (1987) (UK) – Scaffold for Simon II
Sebastian Dumitrescu (1989) (FI) – Horizon



Time of Music

Tuesday June 30  – Sunday 5 July 2015

Viitasaari (FI)

organized in partnership with Gaudeamus - NLIMD - DEimpuls - AT