Composer Exchange Program impuls – OPUS XXI

02/2015 impuls – AT

The two academies IKI (HfMT Hamburg)/Opus XXI (Germany/ France) and impuls (Austria) decided to mutually invite young composers suggested by each academy, in order to offer them a wider and international audience as well as the possibility to have their pieces performed by different ensembles.

In 2013 Austrian composer Matthias Kranebitter was selected for this program and integrated both at impuls and IKI (HfMT Hamburg)/ OPUS XXI.


For 2015 young German composer Benjamin Scheuer was suggested by IKI (HfMT Hamburg)/OPUS XXI to attend the impuls Academy in Graz, profit from all its offers, work both with tutors and participants and also have his work performed at the impuls Festival 2015.

Benjamin Scheuer will also write a new piece for baritone, flute, saxophone and accordion, commissioned by impuls, to be worked on and also premiered on spot.

This work is also part of a new format developed by impuls (“Text im Klang”), which uses texts by young Austrian writers as a starting point for new compositions.


The World Premiere of this piece takes place on

Sunday 22nd February 2015

20:00, Mumuth, Graz (AT)

Benjamin ScheuerImpulsive Lieder
for sampler, alto flute, tenor saxophone and accordion (2015) 6´

parlando, Bogen, Impulse – quartet
Dominik Matzka sampler | Delphine Grataloup alto flute
Pedro Pablo Cámara Toldos tenor saxophone | Vid Sčavničar accordion
Andreas Fischer conductor



Another piece by Benjamin Scheuer is performed the same day at 21:15, always in Mumuth, Graz (AT):

Benjamin Scheuerkaleidoscope
for 4 female voices with additional instruments (2012), 15´
Peyee Chen soprano ; Noriko Yakushiji soprano ; Alice Fagard mezzosoprano ; Megan Ihnen mezzosoprano
Andreas Fischer conductor

This piece was already performed during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2014, where Benjamin was one of the nominees for the Gaudeamus Prize.


Within the cooperation of impuls and the Ernst Krenek Institute Benjamin Scheuer was also selected amongst the impuls Academy 2015 to write a new piece to be premiered by Klangforum Wien.
Besides this commission Benjamin Scheuer will also be invited to a
three-week visit at the Institute in Krems for depth study of composer Ernst


BenjaminScheuer (c) Deen van de Meer

© Deen van de Meer



Benjamin Scheuer studied composition in Hamburg/Germany and Karlsruhe where he earned a post graduate degree with Wolfgang Rihm. His music frequently makes use of humorous and theatrical elements. Objects from daily life and toys are often implied as well as lo-fi tapes. The harmony is mostly enriched with microtones in order to adapt to the tuning of those devices. His catalogue includes orchestral (“Montagen”, “Spuren”), dance (“pineapple”), sacred (the full scale “Missa – Stilles Geschrei”) and spatial (“Zeitraum” for 600 players) composition and his chamber music has been performed at festivals in many countries around the world. In 2013 he was on a Aldeburgh Music Opera writing fellowship giving him the opportunity to work on his most recent opera “Beyond the Pale” on a libretto by Irish playwright Tom Swift. As founding member of the charitable organization “musicians without borders” he frequently travels to Ecuador to volunteer as music teacher.



impuls: 13.-25.2.2015

organized in partnership with OPUS XXI / HfMT- DE