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Divertimento Ensemble – ITFlagey – BE

For the second time in the framework of the ULYSSES Network, flagey (BE) and Divertimento (IT) decided to cooperate in a project aimed at young amateur musicians.


In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War Flagey, the Theater De Spiegel, the Philharmonie de Chambre Belge, the Philharmonie de Luxembourg and the HERMESensemble have commissioned new pieces to two young Belgian composers : Karl Naegelen and Hanne Deneire for ensemble and children choir.


80 children aged 11 to 14 and the HERMERSensemble elaborated and performed the pieces, based around the theme of PEACE.


While Karl Naegelen chose to first completely write the score before starting the rehearsals with the children, Hanne Deneire decided to elaborate her piece in direct exchange and cooperation with the children.


The results are two amazing works, allowing the children to experience singing and various musical interactions with a professional ensemble, that they were all very proud to present in the final public concerts

A great occasion for the children to discover contemporary music – as active performers -and giving them the opportunity to live this experience from the inside, in playful but still demanding and almost professional conditions at the same time.


This project and the cooperation with the children choirs has been realized thanks to an initiative and under the guidance of MUS- E Belgium, a bilingual artistic organization and member of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.


For more information you can watch a short video below


as well as a short television report (in Netherlands) here.

The concert will be presented again on 22nd April 2015 in Milano (IT), in cooperation with the DIVERTIMENTO ENSEMBLE and with Italian children choirs.



World Premieres

Monday, 26.05.14 / 13:30 (school concert)

Tuesday, 27.05.14 / 19:30

flagey, STUDIO 4


Program :

Hanne Deneire (1980-)  –  Innerlight (XI) for flute and bass clarinet  (2011 – 3’)


Karl Naegelen (1979-)  –  Les Villes endormies (2014 – 20’)


Hanne Deneire  –  Innerlight (IV + XI) for flute and bass clarinet  (2011 – 6’)


Hanne Deneire  –  Poppy  (2014 – 20’)


With children from two schools:

De Mozaïek (Schaerbeek, BE) + Les Jardins d’Élise (Ixelles, BE)


Coordination: MUS-E, Tom Goris


Steven Verhaert, director

Mireille Capelle, mezzosopraan / mezzo-soprano

Karin De Fleyt, fluit / flûte

Geert Callaert, piano

Gaetan La Mela, percussie / percussions

Peter Merckx, klarinet / clarinette

Stijn Saveniers, cello / violoncelle

Marc Tooten, altviool / alto



Hanne Deneire, Poppy

(Tom Lanoye; after : In Flanders Fields, John McCrae)

In Vlaamse velden klappen rozen open

Tussen witte kruisjes, rij op rij,

Die onze plaats hier merken, wijl in’t zwerk

De leeuweriken fluitend werken, onverhoord

Verstomd door het gebuder op de grond;

Nous sommes les morts,

Nous qui songions la veille encore

À nos parents, à nos amis,

C’est nous qui reposons ici,

Au Champ d’Honneur;

Take up our quarrel with the foe,

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch be yours to hold it high,

If you break faith with us who die.

We shall not sleep.



Karl Naegelen, Les Villes endormies

I. Aux portes de la cité déserte

Les anciens ont déserté la porte

Les jeunes ont cessé leur musique

« Est-ce là la ville qu’on appelait toute belle ? La joie de toute terre ? »

La joie a disparu de notre coeur

Notre danse s’est changée en deuil

« Est-ce là la ville qu’on appelait toute belle? La joie de toute terre ? »









Ilé Ifé










Comme les dunes s’amoncelant les unes sur les autres

recouvrent les précédentes

III. Interlude / Hommage à Thallis

IV. Danse de la cité

Ami, souviens-toi Scipion pleurant ses ennemis

Ami, saurons-nous briser le cycle de victoires et de revers

Ami, entends-tu la voix des villes endormies ?

Ami, saurons-nous goûter au tendre bonheur d’une paix sans victoire ?






Organized in partnership with Divertimento Ensemble - ITFlagey - BE